Women’s MMA Self Defense Classes

Empowering Women in Lake Stevens: Why Taking Women’s MMA Self Defense Classes is Crucial for College Students As more and more young women go off to college, it’s essential to think about their safety and well-being. College can be a fantastic experience, but it can also be a challenging and sometimes dangerous environment. That’s why […]

Episode: 11 First Travel Podcast! Roslyn here we come!

Welcome to Episode 11 of our travel podcast! We’re excited to share our first travel-themed episode with you, and there’s no better place to start our journey than the enchanting town of Roslyn, Washington. Dive in with us as we explore the rich history, engaging conversations, and unique experiences of this charming locale. Old Fashioned […]

Bully-Proofing Your Child: How MMA Can Teach Kids to Stand Up for Themselves

Empowering Your Child to Overcome Bullying with the Help of Team United MMA in Lake Stevens Bullying is a serious problem in our schools, but it’s not one that we can afford to ignore. The effects of bullying are long-lasting and can lead to mental health issues and even suicide. And while most bullied kids […]

Welcome to Team United MMA

Have you ever felt not good enough? Have you ever had days where nothing could get you moving in the right direction? Have you struggled with feelings of inadequacy? Do you lack motivation and confidence? We’ve all felt that way, but now there is a solution. Join us in Lake Stevens at Team United MMA […]