Striking Classes for Kids (Ages 6-11) in Lake Stevens

Striking Classes for Kids (Ages 6-11) in Lake Stevens

Bring your child in to learn confidence, improve fitness, develop self-defense skills, and work with others in a safe and fun environment. Get affordable, striking classes in Lake Stevens.

Striking Class

Our martial arts class is designed for a child’s development and behavior. These classes offer kids self-defense techniques and exercises that will help improve their overall fitness level while developing muscle memory. Humans hold on to muscle memory in the long term, which means what they learn in class will stay with them for a lifetime.

It’s important to note that striking classes are not designed to teach students how to fight—they’re designed to teach students how to defend themselves in an emergency and avoid becoming the victim of violence altogether.

The world is not a safe place. You do everything you can to protect your child, and we are here to help. We teach life saving skills to all of our students to use only in emergency situations.

What is a striking class?

Whether you’re a martial arts expert or just looking for an activity for your child, a striking class is a great option. A striking class is a small group lesson where kids learn how to punch and kick. They also get an introduction to some of the more advanced techniques used in MMA fighting.

This class is designed to provide children with a fun and engaging learning experience in a safe environment. Students gain self-defense skills, confidence, and respect. As they become adults, they will always have these skills to defend themselves if a situation arises.

What do kids learn in a striking class?

A striking class for kids is a great way to teach martial arts. The class includes various activities to engage your child, help them learn new skills, and build their confidence. An important lesson from striking classes is that the kids learn to actively engage in these skills efficiently and effectively.

  • Punching and kicking
  • We’ll cover the proper stance/ footwork, movement, time and speed/ footwork. Kids will learn how to punch properly while also learning to block punches from others. If ever needed, this skill enables protection!
  • Dodging and blocking 
  • Your child will get better at dodging attacks by getting out of the way before they happen or blocking them with their arms or legs if they can’t get away fast enough. This skill helps keep them safe from harm when they’re out in public (or even just playing around with friends).
  • Principles –  A striking class teaches students about efficient movements that allow them more power than throwing wild punches all over the place without any purpose.
  • Discipline in movement, self discipline
  • Strategic thinking during fighting
  • Drills –  Focus on proper fighting in a controlled environment while understanding how to properly navigate through high emotions and skilled fighting techniques.

How does a striking class benefit kids?

  • Kids will learn to defend themselves.
  • Kids will be more confident in their abilities.
  • Kids will learn self-control and discipline.
  • Kids will learn to be more respectful of others.
  • Kids will learn to be more patient.
  • And most importantly, your child will understand that nothing comes easily without hard work!

When are the classes (dates)?

1 day a week.  Friday from 4pm – 5pm.

Are there different classes that the kids can take?

  • Striking class
  • Grappling style (To be added later.)

How much?

 $90 a month, month-to-month, no contract.

Do the parents need to be there?

Yes, they need to be there. No coaching from the sidelines is allowed during classes.

Do the coaches have experience with children?

Kimberly has taught Tai-Kwon Do, and is great with kids.

What should they wear?

Comfortable workout clothes, shorts, t-shirts, leggings, no tank tops. Don’t worry about shoes!

Do they need to bring anything with them?

Water bottle, kids-sized boxing gloves, and shin pad.

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